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Why Main Squeeze Juice Co. Sees the Dallas/Ft. Worth Market as a Prime Opportunity for Growth

Main Squeeze Juice Co., a 28-unit juice bar and smoothie brand, is bringing its innovative, one-of-a-kind, fresh menu to Dallas/Fort Worth as it works toward its goal of opening 40 new locations. The brand gives local entrepreneurs the opportunity to capitalize on the $800 billion health-and-wellness industry and provide their communities with the highest quality products on the market. 

Over the past decade, smoothie and fruit juice chains have been booming, and Main Squeeze Juice Co. is winning customers over everywhere it operates, including in Texas where it already has 14 successful locations. Dallas/Fort Worth is expected to be no different. The brand will specifically target areas of North Dallas including Frisco, Mckinney and Flower Mound. 

“Dallas has one of the biggest airports in the country,” said Jessie Williams, Director of Franchise Development. “There are tons of people traveling from all over the world at any given moment. It’s also one of the best markets in the entire country from a growth trajectory standpoint, demographically, population density-wise, the whole nine yards.” 

In addition to the area being a large travel hub, Dallas and Fort Worth were both ranked on WalletHub’s “Best Large Cities to Start a Business” list in 2022. Texas, in general, was also ranked third on the publication’s list of “Best States to Start a Business” for 2023. The state was recognized for its average growth in number of small businesses, labor costs, availability of human capital, cost of living and more.

The market is primed for growth due to the strength of the economy. And with Main Squeeze Juice Co. locations providing jobs for 12 to 15 people, on average, per location, the company will only be adding to the growing economic landscape. 

“The annual growth rate is enormous comparatively speaking to the rest of the country,” added Williams. “There is ample growth potential due to the sheer mass of the area. The market continues to expand, attracting some of the largest companies in the world to be headquartered there.”

The metro area has some of the largest populations among cities in the United States and has seen steady population growth over the past several years. The current metro area population of Dallas-Fort Worth in 2023 has grown 1.33% from 2022, following a 1.42% increase from the previous year. 

“Dallas really is one of the best territories in the entire country,” said Williams. “Everyone is moving there. Every major Fortune 500 company seems to have an office there. It’s just a really, really good place to be, and the growth doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon.”

Williams noted that, unlike many other places in the United States, there is plenty of land to build upon in Dallas/Ft. Worth, giving Main Squeeze Juice Co. all the room it needs to grow in the state. 

“Within the market, there are so many people who live, work and shop there,” said Williams. “They don't leave that area unless they absolutely have to. So with franchising, it’s a great place to target because of the high density of people in little pockets. You can put a store in each one of those pockets and continue to reach people everyday.” 

When franchisees in the market, and across the United States, are deciding where they want to open their business, they will be able to take advantage of Main Squeeze Juice Co.’s proprietary real estate process that uses over 50 data points, along with boots-on-the-ground assistance to help franchisees locate in the perfect place to maximize business.

“We have a process where our real estate team is looking for a site and evaluating the criteria to determine the viability of the trade area and the particular site and buildout,” said CEO Thomas Nieto. “After they sign their lease, they're passed off to start the design process with our architect and then get help with finding contractors. So we're hand holding them in great detail for the entire process.” 

This is just one of the many areas of support that franchisees can expect when they join the Main Squeeze Juice Co. franchise system. For example, the corporate team has developed management software that gives owners control over their business no matter where they are located. The custom-made software program assists with everything from the point-of-sale system to inventory management to employee onboarding to food production to text message marketing and more.

The brand is also just as focused on maintaining quality and ensuring customers are happy. In fact, the Main Squeeze Juice Co. team includes an in-house, registered dietitian-nutritionist that is constantly working on sourcing the best and healthiest ingredients, keeping the brand on the cutting edge of the nutrition industry. 

“Aside from having amazing products and an amazing brand, we have so many areas that benefit the customer experience,” said Williams. “We have an entire process from the time that a customer walks into the store to how that flow should work. And we dedicate ourselves to making sure that the customer gets to have an amazing experience.”

For prospective franchisees in the Dallas/Fort Worth area looking to improve health in their communities, there are wide-open opportunities. With plenty of room for growth, the franchise is looking to open 34 units in the market, and 125 in Texas as a whole. 

“If you want to be somebody that changes the world through healthy, clean, plant-based eating, then this is absolutely the concept for you,” said Williams. “We’re greatly looking forward to growing our brand in Texas.” 

The initial investment associated with opening a Main Squeeze Juice Company store will range from $385,050 to $682,750. For more information on franchising with the brand, visit

*To see the full fees and financials, please reference the 2023 Franchise Disclosure Document Item 7 and Item 19.

Posted on: August 16th, 2023

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