Why Main Squeeze

Our MSJC Franchise Management Team

We’ve built the dream team at Main Squeeze Juice Company Headquarters! You will be guided and supported throughout your entire restaurateur journey from start to finish. We will also offer continuing education webinars along with our SqueezeNET platform, which will make sure that you and your team are always in the know! After all, once you join our team, you become part of the Main Squeeze family!


Custom MSJC Franchise POS/Inventory System

Did you know that with most box POS platforms you can’t even track your inventory levels? How are you supposed to be the quarterback of your store without that information? With our custom-made Main Squeeze POS/Inventory System you’ll have access to a revolutionary software system that will give you full control over your scheduling, inventory, customer feedback and direct message marketing from anywhere! And it’s all wrapped up into a single application – it’s about time that someone built a software system that truly gives the owner full control over their business, and we’ve done exactly that!


MSJC Franchise Proprietary Site Selection Process

At Main Squeeze Juice Company we NEVER compromise on location – without exception. We’ve developed a proprietary 52-point site selection process that we use for every location. Using software analytics and proven site selection strategies, our site selection process is truly first-in-class and utilizes state-of-the-art customer profiling information to help you know where your customers live, shop and how they spend their money.


MSJC Franchise Development Process

We’ve developed a 4 phase franchisee store development process that walks you through all of the steps required to open for business. From 1) real estate and administrative setup, 2) vendor setup, permitting and licensing, 3) construction and inspections, and 4) hiring and training, we’ve developed a step-by-step guide to how to open your store with checklists and resources needed to do so. We also provide a complimentary construction manager and development director to guide you through the process. Why reinvent the wheel if you don’t have to?  

Unbeatable Customer Service

First impressions are everything – especially in our industry! With our customer service know-how and training, you and your Squeezers will understand the art of a perfect customer service experience, and will learn how to teach new employees to maintain the same standards found at every Main Squeeze location nationwide. At the end of the day, it all comes down to customer service.


We Only Source the Best

Our in-house, registered dietitian nutritionist is continually working on sourcing the best and healthiest ingredients and keeping us on the cutting edge of the nutrition industry. Our corporate office has established a nationwide network of vendors that will provide assistance in setting up all of your vendor accounts, and we’ve negotiated exclusive Main Squeeze franchisee pricing with many of them.


MSJC Franchise Training Program

We pride ourselves in having an incredible training program. Online learning webinars combined with in-store and classroom training ensures that you and your team will be ready to handle anything that comes your way – from quality, to speed to service, you’ll be ready to transform the lives in your community.

Franchise Marketing/SEO

We’re committed to driving customers to your door by attacking them where they are. Education through marketing messages on your favorite social media platforms and an array of other web/direct mail outlets is essential to maximising the traffic sent to your Main Squeeze store. We’ve developed marketing plans and packages to help you do exactly that, and our brand is first-in-class in the juice and smoothie industry, which makes marketing a breeze.