What’s the Next Big Franchise Opportunity?

What's the Next Big Franchise Opportunity?

In today’s world, we are constantly looking for the next big thing. The next basketball phenom, the next big musical star, the next big fashion trend. Sometimes it’s better to just live in the now; to stop and smell the roses. However, in the world of business and franchising, you can’t afford to do that. If you’re looking to invest your money in a franchise, you need to know that there’s a plan in place. So, what is the next big franchise opportunity with a industry-leading system and plan for success?


You can franchise just about any kind of business, so it would take far too long to look at every possible franchise opportunity. But what do all franchises, not matter how different they are from each other, need to be successful? Whether you’re selling a product or a service, or if you’re selling to other businesses or directly to the public, you need customers. And the next big franchise opportunity will be defined not only by how many potential customers it currently has, but the customer growth that it is on course to have and the direction of the industry as a whole.

Franchise Opportunities

There are any number of different businesses in which you could invest, but a savvy investor should want to minimize risk as much as possible. One way to look at minimizing risk is to look at your potential target market, the future growth of that market, and the demand for the product you’ll be selling. Well, everybody needs to eat, so food industry franchises have the consistent demand that an investor should look for. But then, the question becomes how good is the product that you are selling. You need a franchise opportunity that allows you to sell food that people want. But what kind of food do people want? And what kind of food will people continue to want into the foreseeable future?

The Next Big Franchise Opportunity

Within the food service business, what is the next big franchise opportunity? You’ve probably noticed a trend towards health and wellness in our culture. We have long indulged in unhealthy eating habits, and now society is collectively trying to get back on the right path. That being said, people are busier than ever and sometimes can’t find the time to eat healthy. That is why healthy, quick service restaurant (QSR) franchises are forecasted to grow far more than their traditional “burger and fries” cousins. People now know about healthy choices and are craving healthy choices that are also convenient.

Health Conscious QSR Franchises are the Next Big Franchise Opportunity

Just because people are trying to be healthier does not meant that they suddenly have more time on their hands or that they no longer appreciate convenience. It just means that they are increasingly moving towards healthier options as consumer education improves. If given the choice between an artery-clogging quick meal or a vitamin-rich, energy-boosting one in the same amount of time, most will opt for the latter. And what can be quicker and easier than drinking a drink?

The next big franchise opportunity might well be a juice/smoothie-based QSR franchise. It ticks all the boxes: it’s healthy, it’s quick, it’s convenient, it has huge potential for customer growth, and it’s been around long enough that its proven to be more than just another food fad. If you are looking to buy a franchise for the first time or to add to your already existing portfolio, you don’t want to overlook the great opportunity that is a healthy QSR franchise.

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