What’s A Good Location For A Smoothie Bar?

What's A Good Location For A Smoothie Bar?

Location is critical for any business. You can offer a great product with excellent customer service, but you’re unlikely to be successful if you’re located in the middle of nowhere. This is even more important for QSR franchise locations. Quick service restaurants appeal to customers because they’re easy and convenient. After all, nobody is going to travel out of their way for convenience since that completely negates the purpose! For a smoothie bar, you want the most convenient location possible where your customers can be in and out in no time and on their way. But what is a good location for a smoothie bar? What should you look for?

Smoothie Bars

Smoothie bars are gaining in popularity nationwide. As the health & wellness trend grows, consumers are becoming more health-conscious and are looking for healthier food options, such as smoothies and juices, that drive sales. But beyond the macro economic outlook, there are other advantages to owning a smoothie bar. For one, you don’t need much space for a smoothie bar – it’s not like a sit-down restaurant, a dry cleaner’s, or an auto body shop. Smoothie bars are generally quite small (roughly 1,500 square feet) and require less equipment than a traditional restaurant. As such, there are many options on the market for the size of storefront needed to open a smoothie bar. So, where should you look, and what should you look for?

Know Your Customers

Before you can figure out the best location for your smoothie bar, you have to figure out who is in your target market. Who drinks smoothies? Well, pretty much everybody. But, to narrow it down further, ask yourself what advantages smoothies have over other food options.Two of the more appealing factors of smoothies are that they are often healthier and more convenient than traditional fast food. So, what kinds of people are concerned with health and convenience? And who may be in such a hurry that they need convenient options? Answering these questions will help you further define your customer base to pick the perfect location for your smoothie bar.

Near A Gym

First and foremost, you should be thinking about the health-conscious consumer. The gym rats, the calorie counters, the amateur dietitians, and the Instagram fitness models and influencers. All these people want smoothies for their health benefits: to get the right amount of protein, sugars, vitamins and calcium. And where do these people spend a lot of their time? At the gym, of course! Therefore, opening up your smoothie bar near a fitness center is never a bad idea as these businesses are always full of health-conscious consumers.

Near Office Buildings

Looking at the convenience factor, who are the people that are most concerned with time? Who is in a rush and may pay a bit extra for speed? And where are they rushing to and from? Well, usually, work and the other million things these consumers are doing at any given time. Opening up a smoothie bar near (or in) an office building or in the financial center of your city could be a good idea. People can easily drink their smoothies at work, in the car on their way home, or on their way to their next appointment.

Commuter Hubs

Similar to convenience-hungry consumers near office buildings, commuter hubs are also a great place to look for locations. If you’re looking to open a smoothie bar in a city that has a significant population that commutes to work, this may be a great place to begin your search. Train stations, airports, and other commuter hubs are great places for smoothie bars as you can sell smoothies to folks on their commutes because smoothies offer a quick and convenient way to eat on the go.

Where Your Customer Is Located

But smoothies aren’t only for bodybuilders and high level business executives rushing to and fro. Everyday people enjoy smoothies wherever they are or whatever they’re doing, whether that is taking a walk, hanging out with friends, or shopping for the holidays – people simply love smoothies! As such, situating your smoothie bar in the most high traffic areas (foot traffic or car traffic) is always a good idea. Overall, if you focus on following your customer, you’ll find a great spot. Just remember – its all about location, location, location!

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