What to Look for in QSR Franchise Opportunities

What to Look for in QSR Franchise Opportunities

QSR franchise opportunities are not usually difficult to come by. Quality QSR franchise opportunities, on the other hand, are. If you do even just a bit of research, you will find a multitude of QSR franchisors claiming that they offer the best opportunity to succeed. But, how can you know which ones are the real deal and which ones aren’t? To answer this question, you need to know which qualities you should be looking for in a QSR franchise opportunity – this article will help you learn what some of those qualities are.

QSR Franchises

Just so we’re clear, “QSR” stands for “quick service restaurant”. Also known as “fast food restaurants”, colloquially, these are restaurants that serve food quickly and conveniently. Generally, you can eat-in or take-out at QSRs, and it’s less expensive than a sit-down restaurant where you receive table service. QSR restaurants aren’t always franchised locations of a chain or brand, but they usually are. The more convenient and fast a QSR can be at delivering high quality food, the better they will do.

Types of QSR Franchises

Let’s play some word association. What’s the first type of food that pops into your head when you read “QSR franchise”? A burger? French fries? Maybe pizza? These are all classic staples of QSR franchises. But, the future for QSR franchises that rely on selling these foods is unclear at best. Obviously, there are burger chains, pizza joints, and fried chicken franchises that have been around for decades and have stood the test of time – they are among the most recognized brands in the world. It’s hard to imagine them not being around forever, but they face some serious challenges in the near future as consumers are learning more and more about healthy eating.

Rates of obesity and type II diabetes have gone through the roof since the 1970’s, and a big reason for this is that the average diet in developed countries has become quite unhealthy, many times centered around these QSRs due to convenience. As a society, we’ve only really started to address this in recent years. On top of that, there are the ecological and environmental issues with raising cows, chickens and pigs that are only now coming to light. It’s hard to imagine pizza or hamburgers ever disappearing from our society, but it looks as though we’re going to be eating a lot less of them in the near future as consumer education grows.

Where is their Growth in the QSR Market?

The traditional big chains know that their lack of healthy foods is their achilles heal, and because of this, they are offering healthier food items more and more. But it’s a very difficult transition for these chains that have already established themselves in their markets. If consumers want healthier options – and they do – they’re more likely to go to a QSR that they perceive as offering healthier foods. That means that the best kind of QSR franchise opportunity is one that prides itself on healthy offerings. But what kind of healthy foods should QSR franchises be offering? That’s the million dollar question.

QSR Franchises Still Must Be Convenient

Healthy is great, but it often takes longer to make a healthy meal than traditional unhealthy QSR foods. What is both healthy and fast? Smoothies and juices are! Smoothies and healthy juices have become wildly popular in recent years and they are primed for capitalization by QSR franchises. This means that QSRs that focus on smoothies and juices offer some of the best QSR franchise opportunities available, and are poised to take advantage of consumers’ health education and health market trends.

Main Squeeze Juice Co.

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