What to Know About Juice Bar Franchising


What to Know About Juice Bar Franchising

Franchising is not a new business model. Juice bars are a relatively new type of business, though. Therefore, to run a successful juice bar franchise, you need a blend of new and old. And just like the blends of fruits and veggies you put into your juices, you need to get the right blend of old fashioned business know-how with contemporary, cutting edge products and marketing. This article will give you some tips on striking that balance, and what you need to know about juice bar franchising.

QSR Franchises

“QSR” stands for “quick service restaurant”. A quick service restaurant franchise is any restaurant chain that specializes in serving food quickly to eat-in or take-out. Traditional QSR franchises serve hamburgers, french fries, fried chicken, tacos, pizza, etc. And while all those foods might be tasty, none are particularly healthy. And that’s a problem. Not just for the health of the consumers, but for the health of those businesses in this emerging health and wellness consumer education wave.

In the past 50 years, the foods that we eat have become a lot less healthy, leading to less healthy lifestyles full of processed foods and food addatives. Now that we’ve been confronted with the negative health effects of this lifestyle, people are starting to make changes. A lot of people are starting to save foods like pizza and hamburgers for more special occasions, not everyday meals. And that number – of people who are consciously making healthier, daily choices – is growing. Because of this, many of the traditional QSR franchise chains are trying to maintain their market share by offering healthier menu items, but this has been met with mixed success. They’ve done well to make their brands recognizable and ubiquitous, but the problem is that people have a strong association between these brands and unhealthy food. And once you’re associated with unhealthy foods, its almost impossible to shake that association.

Healthier QSR Franchise Alternatives

Because of this shift in diet, investors are starting to invest in a healthier QSR franchises. But what kind of food does a healthy QSR franchise offer? Salad? Maybe, but not everybody loves salads and they’re not convenient to eat. Roasted chicken? Possibly, but it’s not as tasty as fried chicken, is it? But what about a juice bar?

Juice Bars

We’re sure you’ve noticed the surge in popularity of juices in recent years. Juices and smoothies have become increasingly popular because they appeal to a huge cross-section of the public. FItness buffs and gym rats, hurried businesspeople, and just folks who would like a treat (juices and smoothies can be very tasty as well as healthy). Juice bar franchising is on the cutting edge of QSR businesses, and are poised to be the next big QSR opportunity.

Juice Bar Franchising

So, with the trend of greater consumer education in the emerging health and wellness industry, it makes a lot of sense to open up a juice bar franchise. But, what should you know before you dive into juice bar franchising? One of the biggest advantages of buying a franchise is that you buy an already established brand as well as a system built for success (why reinvent the wheel?). But, juice bar franchising is still in its infancy. Are there juice bar franchises that are already well established? Yes there are! Main Squeeze Juice Company is one of them and is on the cutting edge of this new, emerging industry.

Main Squeeze Juice Co.

Founded in 2016 and franchising since August of 2017, Main Squeeze Juice Co. is a New Orleans, Louisiana-based juice and smoothie bar franchise whose nutritionist-designed, superfood-inspired menu seeks to change the lives of those looking for a healthier and more convenient way of fulfilling their nutritional goals. With three locations currently open and operating, Main Squeeze Juice Co. has nearly 40 locations in development and plans to have several of those locations open by the end of the year. For more information, visit www.mainsqueezefranchise.comTo learn more, please contact us today.

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