What is a “QSR Franchise”?

What is a "QSR Franchise"?

If you’re considering investing your time and money into the purchase of a franchise, then you’re in the right place. Franchise ownership is often one of the best decisions an entrepreneur can make because it often comes with many benefits. We think of franchising as croud sourcing the collective knowledge of all franchised locations so that each franchisee has the best possible information and processes available and at their disposal. If you are thinking about buying a franchise, you’ve probably done some research. And if you’ve done some research, you’ve probably seen some “QSR franchise opportunities”. But what does that mean? What is a “QSR franchise”?

QSR Franchise

It’s remarkable how often the term “QSR franchise” gets used with no explanation of what that acronym means. Not everybody is a veteran of franchising nor the food service industry, so we’re here to explain it to you. In short, “QSR” stands for “quick service restaurant.”

A quick service restaurant franchise, then, is any type of food service business that serves its food quickly, in other words, not a sit down restaurant. You may know these places as “fast food” restaurants, but the industry is moving away from this term because of its negative connotation with some customers, and also because it doesn’t accurately describe all the different types of quick service restaurant franchises.

QSR Franchises Today

The classic QSR franchise is your typical burger joint. While these restaurants blazed the trail for modern day QSR franchises, they are increasingly being forced to adapt or fall away. The fact is that decades of eating this kind of food is catching up with us, as startlingly high rates of obesity and type II diabetes will attest (some even say that we’re in a diabetes crisis). It is in response to these changes and consumer education that QSR franchises have changed.

The classic burger joints of old are trying to provide healthier alternatives to their customers, but the real growth has been seen in entirely health conscious QSR franchises since many old fast food restaurants still have an unhealthy image that is beyond repair. It is no longer the case that QSR franchises have to be unhealthy – fast and convenient can be healthier!

QSR Franchise Opportunities

Everybody needs to eat, so you know that there is a market for QSR franchises. On top of that, we know that as people become more educated on health, their buying habits will change towards more healthy options. That means, in short, the healthier the QSR franchise opportunity, the better setup you are for long-term success as the health industry is rapidly growing and consumers are beginning to get educated on health. That’s why you should focus your franchise search on health conscious QSR franchise opportunities.

Healthy QSR Franchise Opportunities

But just what is a healthy QSR franchise? What do they serve? They could serve salads. They might serve vegetarian or vegan food. But perhaps you should think even more outside of the box. Consider that a lot of the appeal of a QSR franchise is its convenience. And what’s more convenient than drinking a drink? Specifically, QSR franchise opportunities that focus on juices and smoothies are growing rapidly right now. Both healthy juices and smoothies are becoming ever more popular because there’s no quicker or easier way to consume the vitamins you need, or to replace that meal you didn’t have time for, than a fresh juice or a tasty smoothie. A juice and smoothie based QSR franchise opportunity might just be the best kind of opportunity that you’re looking for.

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