The Do’s and Don’t’s of Starting a Juice Bar


If you’re thinking about starting a juice bar, your thoughts are well placed. Juicing is more popular than ever right now, and it’s been popular for long enough that we can rest assured that juicing isn’t just another food fad. To put it mildly, the juice industry is in its infancy and has huge upside potential, but that doesn’t mean that anyone can set up shop and open a juice bar out of thin air. You need to know what you’re doing and you need to know what pitfalls to be on the lookout for. Below are a few of the do’s and don’t’s of starting a juice bar.

Do: Learn About The Business

In business terms, a juice bar falls under the category of a quick service restaurant (QSR). Simply put, QSRs are places of business that serve food quickly. Classic examples include burger joints, pizza shops, and burrito places, which have been popular for decades and remain popular today. After all, people need to eat and many people don’t have the time to cook their own mealsevery day. Plus, sometimes it’s just nice to spoil yourself with a nice, convenient treat.

Don’t: Make The Mistakes Of The Past

While QSRs still serve a need, their business model is starting to evolve out of necessity. The traditional QSR is often quite unhealthy, which is running counter to the latest cultural trend toward health & wellness. Americans are more and more concerned about what they eat now than they have been in decades (maybe ever). Established QSR brands have tried to cater to this burgeoning health food trend by offering healthier alternatives, but this has been met with mixed results. Health-conscious consumers would rather get their food from a business that they trust to be health-conscious and focused on healthy lifestyles rather than an unhealthy QSR with a track record of cheap products with addatives and fillers that is simply trying to cater to a new market solely to turn a profit. New health-focused QSRs turn this industry on its head by offering health-conscious menu items from the start and are focused primarily on their consumers’ well being rather than the bottom line – this change is great for consumers, for the health of the communities to which they belong and for all parties involved, including the juice bar owner.

Do: Choose The Right Franchise

QSRs have long been a perfect fit for the franchising model because restaurants in and of themselves are a lot more complicated to setup and operate than meets the eye. Franchising provides entrepreneurs with a model and system that has been tried, tested, proven and continuously improved upon. But, before you start your own juice bar, you should ask yourself whether you should franchise or start your own independent juice bar concept. The latter may bring more autonomy and might be the more romantic option, but is it as practical? Probably not.

If you pick the correct franchise opportunity, you get so much with it beyond just a juice bar end product. You get an established brand name, site selection assistance, training, operations manuals and know-how, on-going support from a corporate office, a template for success, marketing support, and more. And on top of that, as a franchise owner, you are still your own boss. It’s truly a win-win situation.

Don’t: Overlook The Importance Of Location

“Location, location, location” – this saying is true of selling or buying a house, and it’s certainly true of starting a juice bar. Juicepreneurs should look at everything from demographics, to traffic counts, to sourrounding businesses, to competitors, to local market trends, etc..You want to choose a franchise system that has mastered the site selection process and assists you in choosing the perfect location every step of the way.

Do: Contact Main Squeeze Juice Co.

Main Squeeze Juice Co. is an incredible franchise opportunity and is looking for qualified franchisees to partner with in bringing the health & wellness revolution nationwide. We’ve figured everything out from our 52-point site selection process, to design and construction, to our corporate and in-store training programs, to our operations know-how and manuals, to our ongoing support, and more. If you want to start a juice bar, look no further and contact us today!

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