Steps to Franchise ownership

Step 1: Please complete the Inquiry Form to the Right of this page, and we will reach out to you as soon as possible.

Step 2: Complete Introductory Call 

Relationships with our clients mean everything to us. Feel free to open up and express yourself. We will be family soon enough!


Step 3: Complete Questionnaire and Schedule Webinar

We will NEVER compromise on our partners – this means you! We believe that a great team of great people will do great things, so we are very vigilant about making sure that you fit the mold of our brand.


Step 4: Receive FDD

It explains everything. Investments, fees, timeline, royalties, marketing, etc. We encourage you to read every single page and seek legal counsel to ensure that you understand everything.


Step 5: Discovery Day

Come to hang out with our amazing team and see what the talk is all about. We’ll give you a tour of the facility while showing you the in’s and out’s of what Main Squeeze Juice Company is all about. We may even put you to work with an experienced juicer so you can taste perfection right off the production line!


Step 6: Final Review

Covering all information in the agreement to make sure that you understand and are comfortable with moving forward to becoming a partner with Main Squeeze.


Step 7: See you in NOLA!

Come to our headquarters to check out the big easy, New Orleans, LA, and our management team. After signing up, we’ll be your support resource every step of the way.




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