Smoothies: Food Fad or the Next Big QSR Franchise Opportunity?

Smoothies: Food Fad or the Next Big QSR Franchise Opportunity?

One of the ways to become successful in business is to figure out “the next big thing.” There’s money to be made if you can predict the next big thing and, importantly, capitalize on it before others realize its true potential. But, for every comfortably dressed tech guru and cowboy hat wearing eccentric millionaire, there are countless others who have lost their shirts by getting in on the ground floor of a business that turned out to be, well, a fad.

In the world of QSR franchise opportunities, there’s a lot of talk about shifting paradigms and new trends. QSR (quick service restaurant) franchises are businesses that sell quick or ready-to-eat food to customers. In other words, their businesses are built on convenience and speed. But that convienence and speed comes at a price: they’re traditionally unhealthy. And as Americans are beginning to become more health-conscious, many QSRs are struggling to keep up. So, what’s the next big QSR franchise opportunity in this ever-evolving marketplace?

Healthy QSR Franchise Opportunities

We hear more and more about the healthier lifestyles that Americans are living. Whether it be a new diet or going to the gym, it seems as though Americans are more health-conscious than ever. On the other hand, we also hear of America’s terribly high rates of obesity and type 2 diabetes, as well as new food fads that seem to be predicated on the very nature of their unhealthiness (deep fried butter at state fairs, “cronuts” in trendy New York bakeries,“turduckens” during Thanksgiving or ice cream prepared in some new and intriguing way). Given these contradictory narratives, how can we figure out the truth?

Overall, the truth seems to be that, as consumer education advances, Americans are more health-conscious than everand are actively trying to eat healthier and lead healthier lifestyles. America’s overall caloric intake has been dropping, and this is part of the reason why some are predicting major problems in the near future for many QSR franchises. This may turn you off to QSR franchise opportunities entirely, but if you look closely, there’s actually a huge opportunity there if you know where to look.

Smoothie QSR Franchise Opportunities

Assuming you haven’t been living under a rock for the past decade, you’vecertainly noticed the massive proliferation of smoothie bars. Smoothies are heavily favored by the millennial demographic, but they’re unique in that they also appeal to people of all ages and backgrounds. Smoothies serve several needs for people (aside from simply providing nutrients). First, they’re fast and convenient. This is, of course, the key to any QSR franchise. You have to be able to serve your products to people quickly, and because smoothies hardly take any time at all to make, they’re perfect for QSRs. Second, they can taste great. There’s no shortage of sweet smoothie recipes, and choosing the correct QSR franchise opportunity will provide you with incredible recipes that taste amazing.Third, and perhaps most importantly, smoothies can be good for you and can help you live a healthier lifestyle. While there are dessert-like variations of smoothies at traditional smoothie bars from some of the more established players in the space, many of the newer smoothie bar concepts make smoothies that are designed to be healthierthan the traditional smoothies that many times are filled with unnecessary addatives or preservatives. When all (or nearly all) of your menu items are healthier, you’ll find that health-conscious consumers trust you more and are, therefore,more likely to give you their business. The trick is in finding the right QSR opportunity for you.

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Given the available data, it’s safe to say that smoothies are not simply a food fad, but could insteadbe the next big QSR franchise opportunity. To learn how you can capitalize on this opportunity, please contact Main Squeeze Juice Co. today.

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