Thomas Nieto


Thomas is our fearless leader who manages our corporate team while leading site selection, franchisee support and franchise sales.

Julie Canceso, RDN

Chief Operating Officer

Aside from overseeing all Main Squeeze operations, Julie is also our in-house registered dietician-nutritionist, who is constantly working on new product development.

Michael Canseco, Esq.

General Counsel

Michael is all about the numbers, contracts and negotiations. From finance and legal oversight to writing our manuals and always negotiating the best prices for our franchisees, he does it all.

Jessie Williams

Director of Franchise Sales

Jessie is focused on you! He will guide you through what makes our brand so successful and how to scale into your very own market.

Katherine Holstein

Director of Marketing

Kat oversees the marketing department here at Main Squeeze. She evaluates and develops our marketing strategy for the franchise company and all store locations.

James Domingue

Director of Development

James will be your new best friend during your store’s development! He guides each franchisee through the opening process starting with real estate up until the day!

Brad Girard

Marketing Account Manager

Brad wears many hats in the MSJC office. From coordinating marketing campaigns to assisting with training and software, he’s always there to support our corporate team and franchise partners.

Nicole Foto

Creative Manager

Nicole manages strategic partnerships and social media for all store locations while also acting as our in-house graphic designer!

MK Lees

Training & Quality Assurance Manager

MK is our training extraordinaire! She oversees our corporate training at our headquarters, our in-store trainings right before stores open, our online training program as well as all of our quality assurance and compliance matters.

Paul Schmidtke

Chief Financial Officer

Paul is responsible for coordinating the accounting function of the home office and analyzing the financial performance of each store. He is responsible for creating audit ready GAAP financial statements at the close of each year as well as a myriad of financial reports throughout the year for the home office.

Alyse Bagley

Product Development Manager

Alyse researches and develops new products for MSJC that align with our plant-powered mission, while continuously evaluating ingredient costs and quality to ensure the highest standard for our customers.

Jesse Cable

Training & Development Specialist

Jesse works with each store to train and develop employees. He does anything from setting up stores to creating training videos and making sure that those employees complete the training to monthly remote store visits all the way to helping opening new stores.

Omar Herrera

Senior Operations Manager

Omar leads the training and operations team to assist with planning, coordinating and executing assigned directives for store operations as well as work with MSJC franchisee’s on their store level performance, to assess business operations and implement key goals and strategies to improve unit-level economics.

Camilo Martinez

Director of Information Technolofy

Camilo is our IT Director and full-stack software developer with over 15 years of experience. He has developed solutions in the cloud for various industries including communication, transportation, education, healthcare, and e-commerce.

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