Introducing The System You Need For Your Smoothie Franchise

You may know Main Squeeze Juice Co. for always pushing the boundaries for our juices, bowls, smoothies and more. But did you know that we are also always working to streamline your in-store experience for your smoothie franchise?

Our customers mean the world to us. It’s our mission to continue to improve customer experience in every way – big and small.

One of our most prized innovations has been the creation and implementation of our proprietary Root System Technologies software. It encompasses many software features that our Main Squeeze franchisees need and use on a daily basis.

Developed in-house by four software developers on the Main Squeeze team, it helps our owners run their businesses efficiently with the ability to service customers and employees seamlessly.

What Does it Include?

The systems are cloud-based and include:

  • inventory management
  • a juice operations portal
  • customer rewards platform
  • customer feedback and review management
  • employee onboarding
  • text message marketing
  • real-time profit and loss tracking
  • mobile and online ordering
  • monthly budget and expense portals
  • a customized POS system

All programs are already built into the system and ready for our current and future Main Squeeze smoothie franchise owners to use as soon as they open their doors.

Our team has already slated future updates, which include automated employee coaching and in-store self-checkout kiosks.

“One of the biggest accomplishments of the Roots Systems was allowing for online ordering. It’s something we know our customers love to use,” says Jessie Williams – Director of Technology for Root Systems.

“The online ordering allows our customers to customize their smoothies and bowls in terms of size, substitutes, add-ins and allergy notes. This allows us to make sure our customers are getting exactly what they want while keeping those with dietary restrictions and allergies in mind.”

Your customers are busy or have complicated dietary requirements. But now, there is no excuse for getting their five a day in with our new Main Squeeze online ordering system. We created this system with the mission to make it as easy as possible for your customers to live a healthy, fulfilling life.


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