Step 1

Speak with our Franchise Development Director

Congratulations, you have taken the first step to bring the brand that is Making Healthy EasierĀ® to your community. In order to get started, please complete the inquiry form located below. Once you have filled out this form our Franchise Development Director will reach out to you for an introduction call.

Step 2

Speak to our CGO

Once you have completed the initial financial application we will schedule time for you to speak to our Chief Growth Officer. This is where we will mutually explore the potential of a great partnership.

Step 3

Receive the FDD

Upon completing your call with the CGO you will receive a copy of our latest FDD. The FDD will show everything there is to know about Main Squeeze from startup costs to financials, timelines, etc. You will also receive a receipt page to be filled out confirming that you received the FDD.

Step 4

Territory Mapping & FDD Review Call

We will comb the territory that you are interested in to carve out the potential opportunities available to you. This time will also serve as an opportunity to cover anything that came up while reviewing the FDD.

Step 5

Franchisee Validation

We will connect you with like-minded franchisees that can help share their personal experiences so that you know more about what is to come. They will be ready to open their doors (and books) to share their personal journey as a Main Squeeze franchisee.

Step 6

Discovery Day - See you in NOLA!

You and your partner(s) will come to New Orleans to meet the HQ crew, taste our life-changing products, and tour one of our existing locations. Come prepared! This is the perfect time to solidify your partnership with the brand that truly is Making Healthy EasierĀ®.

Let's take the next step

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